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CSUN Basketball Tournament

By O'Ryan Barron

CSUN Basketball Tournament – On November 13th 2004, the CSUN Accounting Association held a 3 on 3 basketball tournament in which members of Imagine IT participated. The tournament was held at the CSUN Matadome, and would last from 10:30am to 5:00pm. The tournament would involve 14 teams each playing 7 games a piece, and being eliminated after losing more than 2 games. There were preliminary matches, semi-finals, and final rounds all leading to a Grand Prize trophy and second and third medals. The day was as exciting and challenging as it was first thought. Imagine IT was part of two out of the fourteen teams involved in the tournament, (Imagine One and Imagine Two) and both teams excelled to the semi-final rounds. Teams Imagine One and Imagine Two, held strong positions in the semi-final rankings, by both having 4-1 records and dominating early. Imagine One members were Jared Gerber, and Tom Hayes, with support from Nathan Hayes, Jeffery Schwalbach and Steven Anthony. Imagine Two involved members, O’Ryan Barron, Ashish Pradhan, and support from Jon Holt and Micheal Basley. The effort put forth by both teams, was a testament to their endurance and eagerness to achieve what goal lies ahead, on and off the court. Unfortunately, neither team was able to make it to the final round, but there will be next year, and there will be Imagine IT waiting. Some great games and memories will be taken from that day and last a lifetime. So, technically no one lost, because there was so much gained from the experience itself. We look forward to the next tournament, and we look to take first place and the next trophy. Special thanks goes to all those who played in the tournament and those who supported us. To see pictures of the tournament, please click here CSUN Pictures We look forward to all those involved next year. Thank you, Imagine It Webteam

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