LiveWeb eCredit Union™ - In this age of technology, a credit union's leadership position, financial strength and stability can be further substantiated by the over-all quality of its presence on the Web. In order to fuel membership growth, as well as expand your credit union's vision for existing member service and support, you need to take your website operations to the optimum level. By incorporating secure account information, streamlined content management and flexible, scalable applications, LiveWeb™ eCredit Union can help you do just that.

LiveWeb™ eCredit Union was developed to display a Front End with consistent, logical navigation that allows users to quickly locate desired information and carry out online banking activities in the most efficient manner possible. Sophisticated, yet simple-to-use secure forms make it easy and attractive to prospects to apply online for credit union membership, as well as loan, credit card and insurance products, and eBanking services. These online applications are transmitted instantly to the credit union where backoffice users such as credit union loan reviewers can closely monitor, review, identify and process new leads and loan requests. Login procedures and transfer of sensitive customer information for eBanking and account access draw from the membership database through a secure online interface. Advanced web databases also allow for an easy-to-use city and zip code search to help members quickly locate credit union service centers, ATMs and neighborhood branches.Content requiring frequent updates, such as rates on accounts, certificates of deposits, IRAs and loans, are imported into web databases to facilitate efficient site maintenance. Dynamic publishing tools for news and events allow staff administrators to maintain the very latest information on the website via efficient, user-friendly, backoffice maintenance forms. Automated workflow management tools make it easy to manage and respond to incoming member applications, inquiries and information requests "live" on the website. Activity tracking to monitor product page popularity inserts tracking points and creates custom activity tracking reports accessible to designated internal staff via the online backoffice.

Automated. Dynamic. Secure. With LiveWeb™ eCredit Union, the power to form lifetime partnerships with your members is completely in your hands.
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Portal Style Homepage - Your CU's corporate identity and current marketing strategies are combined to create a visually appealing homepage that serves as a quick access portal to all other areas of the site. Dynamic functionality allows you to display the specific information you want visitors to see first, such as special offers, car buying tips, seminars, articles and resources.
Secure Online Applications - Increase the amount of new accounts and loans by allowing members to immediately submit a secure online Application or Application Request once they have viewed information, terms and rates.
Dynamic ATM & Branch Listings - Database-driven listings make updates a snap, as well as allow members to quickly search for the nearest location by city or zip code and view maps.
Dynamic Rates - Maintain and display current Mortgage, Savings and Loan Rates efficiently with easy-to-use backoffice forms.
Calendar/Events Management - Publish dynamic calendars for upcoming seminars and events, special offers and promotions, special holiday branch hours or closures, and more.
News/Article Management - Organize, publish and maintain news items, press releases and articles with the backoffice Article Manager.
FAQ Manager - Automate display of your FAQ listings, making them easy to navigate, and encourage new FAQ submissions with one-click access to a simple, easy-to-use submission form.Job Postings - Post job openings easily using the job management report and form. Once an applicant completes the online application form, it is posted to the Feedback/Workflow Management System for efficient processing.
Activity Tracking System - Track user activity with usage counter and log files readable in standard analysis programs. The ability to analyze what pages and products users are clicking on most frequently can greatly assist you in making decisions to better meet the needs of your members and improve marketing decisions.
Feedback/Workflow Management - All incoming information, such as applications, requests and inquiries, flows smoothly and logically into the feedback workflow system for efficient processing by designated staff.
AutoMessage/Email Marketing System - AutoMessage provides an efficient solution for handling automated-response email notifications and confirmations, email marketing campaigns, email versions of your newsletter, event invitations and RSVP management.
User Login and Authentication - sophisticated user login "remembers" users after the first visit by looking up the user in the database, based on a cookie and triggers "automatic login" and ease of use on return visits. When a request is received with no cookie, or with a cookie that does not contain the necessary identifier,  authentication relies on an email address and password (i.e., the user is prompted to login by entering their email address and password). For users that forget their password, the system will email the password to the user upon request.
User Database and Management Tools - information about the users that visit the site is stored in the user database to facilitate self-registration. Special user levels and user types to limit access to certain content or specify content.
Cookie Management - part of the user login and authentication process, the cookie identifies the user, and, depending on the nature of the information collected, can trigger "automatic login," personalize the appearance of web pages, etc. When a request is received with no cookie, or with a cookie that does not contain the necessary identifier, the request is assumed to be from a new user. In that case, a new identifier is generated before the response is sent back to the client, and a new record added to the server's user database.
Preferences - many options including company information, email addresses, input/output file paths (i.e., specify document paths, image paths, database paths), backoffice behavioral options, etc.
Website Control Center - backoffice menu, controls and server status information visible on every page for backoffice users and webmasters, giving quick access to all backoffice maintenance areas.
PDF Document LiveWeb™ eCerdit Union Product Information PDF - eCredit Union product details PDF
PDF Document LiveWeb™ eCredit Union Sample Screens PDF - basic Imagine IT! information, more sample screens, etc.
PDF Document LiveWeb™ eBusiness Product Information PDF - eBusiness product details PDF
PDF Document LiveWeb™ eBusiness Sample Screens PDF - basic Imagine IT! information, more sample screens, etc.
PDF Document LiveWeb™ eCommerce Sample Screens PDF - basic Imagine IT! information, more sample screens, etc.
PDF Document Imagine IT! Graphics Design Sample Screens - Several screenprints of user interfaces designed by Imagine IT!'s professional graphics design team
Case Study: Financial Partners Credit Union (eBusiness Solution) - With all eyes waiting and watching, the newly redesigned credit union website needed to be launched quickly and reflect the leadership position, financial strength and stability of the credit union—factors which have fueled membership growth over the last decade. The requirements included creating a new website design to reflect the new Financial Partners look & feel (recently set forth by an independent design team) and developing a professional, visually appealing and easy-to-use interface. Additional challenges were to incorporate and align brand traits, mission, vision and values, adapt existing content to the new interface by identifying "candidate" content for dynamic functionality to simplify navigation, condense content and allow Financial Partners staff administrators to maintain and update website content. Beyond these requirements, specific website enhancements were needed that offered true value to members. For example, faster service response times could be achieved via more sophisticated web operations. The credit union needed to take their website operations to the next level and turned to Imagine IT for advanced web development services and turnkey eBusiness solutions.
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Database-driven ATM and Branch Locations allow you to add, update or remove listings with ease.

Offer your members the convenience of applying for accounts and loans online with user-friendly forms.

All incoming information flows smoothly and logically into the feedback workflow system for efficient processing by designated staff/departments.

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