Getting your brand and marketing message out is the goal of marketing – use these “Pillars of Internet Marketing” to build a strong foundation for your Internet Marketing Strategy.

By Jared Gerber

  1. High Conversion Website – Your website should be able to convert visitors to customers. Your website should be the hub or “pot” where you funnel all your traffic to – it’s the only place where you have visitor’s undivided attention. After incurring great effort and resources getting people to come to your website, you will want a high performance website to close the deal — professional, elegant, easy to use and optimized for conversion. Ask yourself these questions — Is it competitive in your industry and appealing to your target market? Also, make sure your website contains text and images and that the pages load quickly and be sure to use Mobile friendly technologies.
  2. Design – Make sure you have a “real” brand and identity – don’t just use the domain name as your logo. Be visual – if you study the designs of successful competitors, I’m sure you’ll notice that the most have highly visual homepages – include a large visual or slideshow on the homepage that instantly connects visitors to your products or services. Know your target market – focus your design strategy around your demographic – when they look at your homepage or ad design, do they instantly get the idea that you provide the best possible solution for them?
  3. Interactivity – Make it easy for visitors to take action — reduce the clicks and work it takes to buy or make contact. Lead capture mechanisms are ways for visitors to reach out to you – here are a few examples: Register for newsletter, join mailing list, Facebook LIKE button, request appointment or free consultation. Give them a reason to give their email address to you. Follow up as quickly as possible when someone expresses interest in your product or service. If you’re a small business or service based business, have the lead capture messages come directly to your phone. You can also make it easy interact with your visitors and customers with a social media page, blog or live chat program.
  4. Content – Be sure to have the highest quality content on homepage and main pages. Quality content relevant to your product or service is your friend – the more the better, but it must be well organized and easy to access. The more content you have, the more opportunities to attract external links and more opportunities for you to come up in search results. Be creative and find ways to get relevant content on your website. You want to make sure your content is share-worthy – is the information valuable? Here are some examples: industry tips, customer support blog, case studies for your jobs or projects, how-to videos and/or articles for your product or service. Keep your website up to date as well – publish fresh articles, business news, press releases or events on your homepage.
  5. Email Marketing – if consistent, your email marketing campaign should be your most successful internet marketing program. keep in touch with your customers and followers — send news updates, promotions, coupons, announcements, etc. You should be obtaining the email addresses of all your customers – if your current order process does not include collecting email addresses of all your customers and prospects, change it immediately. For some businesses, such as retail or restaurants, you can always have a guest book or give a reason for your customers to give you their email address or “join your mailing list”. You’ll need their email address to keep in touch with your customers to build loyalty – and increased sales. You can also invite them to follow you on your social media sites for even greater visibility. Go with a company like Constant Contact – try this on your own with your standard email program and you may accidently send your full email list to everyone else on your list. Also, be sure to take advantage of auto-responders. No time? Imagine IT provides quality and consistent email marketing services –contact management, newsletter creation and mailing services.
  6. Social Media – Make it easy for people to follow you on social media sites from your website – also, focus your energy on the largest social media sites most appropriate for your demographic first – in order of size: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn. Be sure to publish interesting content to keep them interested – promotions, product / service announcements, industry tips, industry news, etc. If you have the resources, extend your social marketing to others social media sites, including YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest & Meetup. Want an A+ in social media marketing? Make videos of people using your product or service, load them to YouTube & other social media sites.
  7. High Visibility in Search Results – Also, known as “organic results” are the results that come up at the top of search results based on algorithms designed to find the best match possible for the searchers keywords. One of the best ways to get traffic is to be high on Google search results when someone searches for you. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help you get to the top of Google for your target keywords. Effective SEO starts with the best keywords for your product or service, proper website optimization for those keywords and white hat online marketing practices that gets quality content using those keywords out on the web with links back to your website – this process needs to be done properly – your rankings can be penalized for shady SEO practices. With SEO, quality, relevant content is king – articles relevant to your business and product – quality articles are important. Want an easy way to get started with SEO on your own? Start a blog. Imagine IT’s High Powered SEO program is great way to move your website to the top of Google search results.
  8. Local Listings – Google Places (with a map, pictures & even video), Yahoo Local, Yelp, Bing, MerchantCircle, … many others. List yourself in as many places possible – vary the content of each of your listings a little to give each listing more power. However, be careful – be sure to provide good products & services – local listings can bite you in the back-side. If your customers are unhappy, they may leaving a review. Not a problem? Good for you!
  9. Paid Advertising – Pay Per Click / Online Advertising. Google Adwords for one … but you can also place ads on websites that cater to your demographic. Advertise on YouTube – video marketing is a undervalued method of advertising. Also, print ads, trade magazine, etc. .. use a custom domain for tracking. Don’t underestimate Facebook ads – unparalleled demographic matching. Keep your ads fresh and track their effectiveness.
  10. Traditional Marketing Convergence – Coordination of your traditional marketing strategies to your internet marketing strategy is critical. Promote your website everywhere – put it on your business cards, letterhead, invoices, newsletters, ads, signs, etc. While networking or attending trade shows, hand out business cards with your web address on it, or a coupon that can be retrieved or a code that can be entered for a discount or free shipping. Place ads in trade magazines and newspapers with your website address.

While implementing these strategies, be sure to track the results of each one and repeat & refine the most successful strategies. Use a spreadsheet to track the success and scheduling of your strategies. Google Analytics can help you track performance of any campaign.

To ensure the success of your internet marketing strategy, implement these pillars of internet marketing or hire someone to help you do it.

Consider Imagine IT’s convenient and low cost maintenance services to execute these strategies:
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