Founded in 1992, IMAGINE IT Digital Marketing specializes in high conversion websites, digital marketing, graphics design / creatives & advanced web development. Our goal is help businesses companies boost their visibility and connect to their customers — we can help you integrate the technology needed to maximize your visibility — e.g., Web Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEO, WordPress, Email Marketing, Video/YouTube, Sales Funnels etc. We’re also experienced & well versed in the latest software & technologies (html, css, php, mysql, javascript, photoshop, InDesign, video editing and more) — the end result is that we have no roadblocks and can get things done right & quickly.  We specialize in Web Design for Businesses with our Web Presence, eCommerce & B2B solutions.   Our Webteam approach gives you the highest quality result and access to the best web designers, social media, SEO, graphic artists & programmers available.  We provide technology solutions that deliver products, services & information in less time and at dramatically lower costs relative to traditional methods.We are a company composed of very high level experts in the areas of web design, marketing, graphics design, application development & database design.

Whether you need a Business Presence, eCommerce or Internet Marketing, Imagine IT’s highly skilled team of Web Designers, Graphics Artists, Programmers & Social Media Marketing experts can help.

Benefits of a partnership with Imagine IT:

  • We are experts and implementing Business, eCommerce & Advanced Websites & Applications
  • Beat out your competition with better visibility with Digital Marketing Services (Social Media, SEO, Advertising & Email)
  • Prompt, reliable, no finger pointing service
  • 30+ Years experience in web design & digital marketing
  • Access to comprehensive web, design & digital marketing services (one stop shop) at competitive rates
  • Web design, graphic design & creatives, digital marketing services, eCommerce, programming, copywriting & application / database design
  • Expert internet & website operations & management

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to deploy a team of highly specialized individuals to focus in their area of expertise — for example, our lead architect & project manager has 30 years web design experience and leads the team, our web designers are highly skilled at html, css & responsive design, our graphic artists are highly talented at visualization and our programmers are highly trained & experienced PHP & MySQL programmers.  This philosophy has served us well in implementing the most highly effective websites & applications for over 30 years.  We will keep you up to date with statuses and keep you involved every step of the way to insure the success of the project.