Tired of having to send in Website changes, corrections, or updates to your Webmaster? Tired of waiting weeks to see your changes made on your Website? At Imagine IT, we build Websites using dynamic content. Dynamic content allows you, your staff and/or Website administrators, to access the “live” version of the website and make changes yourself! Simply log-in from any desktop/browser to access the dynamic portions of your Website, make the changes via an easy-to-use update form, click the update button, and the changes appear instantly on your Website!  No more faxing or e-mailing your changes to a Webmaster. We put the power to control your Website in your hands.

More on databases: It may seem to make sense to build a page for each individual product or service you offer on-line, but what happens when you need to make a change? If you have more than a few products, it could take you days to go through each product page and make the changes. Imagine IT Websites are built using web databases, which easily solve maintenance problems. We build sites using a product browser, and then when a user clicks on an individual product, the product information is displayed dynamically, using images and information stored in the web database. This allows you, your staff, or site administrators to make changes directly to the products database, and see that change reflected in every product displayed. Together, dynamic content and web databases create powerful, easy to maintain Websites which can hold and display hundreds or thousands of product pages, yet keep the job of making changes to your product line a breeze