Why are Businesses Experiencing a Digital Transformation?

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For quite some time, doing business as usual was sufficient but that is no longer enough. We have transitioned from using paper records to spreadsheets and from there towards business intelligence in a matter of years. Organizations are rethinking ways of conducting business with the integration of technology to optimize their every function like never before. [...]

What is SEO? Six Steps to Better SEO

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Quite simply, Search Engine Optimization is a marketing approach that allows you to be found on the web. An effective SEO program will improve your ranking in search engine results. By Jared Gerber There are a number of things you can do yourself and collaboratively with your web design and marketing partner to build traffic on [...]


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Getting your brand and marketing message out is the goal of marketing – use these “Pillars of Internet Marketing” to build a strong foundation for your Internet Marketing Strategy. By Jared Gerber High Conversion Website – Your website should be able to convert visitors to customers. Your website should be the hub or “pot” where you funnel [...]

Is your website generating enough clients for you?

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By Jared Gerber If you answered no, Imagine IT would like to help you with this problem -- we are offering a 30% credit for any referral that uses Imagine IT's Web Design or SEO services.  This credit can be used toward Web Design or SEO services.Imagine IT is reaching out to IT Support Companies because we [...]

Marketing Tip #17 – Get more traffic by updating your website frequently

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And 100 ways to reach your clients & prospects The search engines LOVE fresh content and will check your website for updates more frequently if they notice that there are frequent updates. By Jared Gerber Fresh content gives you a way to stay in front of your clients & prospects, which are fundamental for any marketing [...]

Client and prospective client matter can be automatically added to your Amicus Attorney

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The need for law firms to automate their data collection is growing and becoming more important in today’s economy. By Jared Gerber This would apply to you if you are a law firm that receives a large volume of leads or have to collect an extensive amount of information from clients or prospective clients, including documents [...]

Marketing Tip #15 – Set proper “title” and “meta tags” to improve your position in Google & SEO ranking

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By Jared Gerber Your Title and Meta Description is what appears in the Google search results; furthermore, the Title & Meta Description are the words & phrases are factors for indexing your site. For best results, your Title should be between 7 and 15 words & include your business name, business type & your core products [...]

Marketing Tip #13 – YouTube Video Commercial or Demo on your Homepage

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By Jared Gerber Create a 30 second YouTube commercial for your products/services. Place on your homepage and send a link to all your customers & friends. People love videos and the more viewers you get, the better -- so be clever, succinct and informative.  Google gives your website big props for having video on the homepage.   [...]

Marketing Tip #12 – Facebook Business Page & LIKE button

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By Jared Gerber Create a Facebook Business Page and stay in touch with your customers, prospects & networking friends by putting a "Like" button on your homepage. You can create a Business Facebook page by clicking on the "Pages" link in the left column personal Facebook interface and then click "Create a Page".Post helpful tips, news [...]

SEO Series: #2 Search Engine Marketing Tricks

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Looking for tricks to get better rankings? The most important factor in getting ranked is to not perform any tricks at all. Quality content is the key. By Jared Gerber The search for SEO tricks is never-ending-- landing pages, hidden keywords (the same color as the background), email blasting, general directories, banner ads, redirects, you name [...]

Is Your Business Covid-Proof? Digital Marketing IQ Self-Test

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Covid-Proof Your Business How's business?  Is your business down since February of 2020?  With the business stifling effects of Covid-19, Digital Marketing is necessary to become & remain profitable -- more importantly, it must also be fine tuned & effective to work. How good is your Digital Marketing?  Let's find out -- take this quick "Digital Marketing IQ Self-Test".

What Is Digital Marketing : Digital Marketing Basics

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Having a digital marketing strategy that starts by building a strong brand foundation, high impact / conversion message & visuals and then pushing that content through all digital marketing channels just makes sense.  In fact, you can take the content and push it through traditional marketing channels for even more impact.  There is great value & return in brand consistency and just simply pushing out as much and as often as appropriate.  Marketing 101 -- the more you push out into the world, the more you will get coming back in.

Top 10 Reasons to use Worpdress as your Website Platform

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For starters, it's the world's most popular content management system Not only does it allow you to publish content that is beautiful and Google loves (for SEO purposes), it's easy to use and anyone can do it.   Here are a few quick reasons you should consider using wordpress. Beyond blogging, WordPress is also great for building [...]