The need for law firms to automate their data collection is growing and becoming more important in today’s economy.

By Jared Gerber
This would apply to you if you are a law firm that receives a large volume of leads or have to collect an extensive amount of information from clients or prospective clients, including documents such as:
– Class action plaintiff screening
– Contracts
– Other legal formsHaving the client contact information & client matter automatically streamed into your Amicus Attorney can help your law firm be much more efficient.  As an example, Imagine IT’s client, a law firm in Los Angeles is working on a class action lawsuit where numerous pieces of information are being collected from thousands of potential plaintiffs, saving them valuable time and money in the screening process.Imagine IT’s web platform, LiveWeb, includes the ability for client’s and prospects to fill out forms and documents and have that data be automatically transferred into Amicus Attorney.  The client information, form data & documents will appear in Amicus Attorney as a new client or match to an existing client and add documents as client matter.Imagine IT designs compelling and interactive websites for law firms that attract new clients, but their capabilities don’t stop there.   Using Imagine IT’s LiveWeb platform as well as their advanced application development capability, your law firm can have the client contact information and related legal documents automatically streamed into their Amicus Attorney CRM.Jared Gerber is the owner of IMAGINE IT Web Design & SEO, Jared can be reached at