Stand out from your competitors by reaching your target audience with a strong brand, impressive web & social presence, compelling marketing messages & visual elements.

Below is a summary of tools that we draw from to complete your solution. We only engage the services that are needed for your specific solution — and to fill the gaps in your current Digital Marketing Strategy.

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Collect information, research, evaluate, recommend, optimize & improve.

  • Identify marketing target market(s), personas, customers, demographics
  • Identify top competitors
  • Evaluate brand, logo, tagline, mission, personality
    • Use, adapt, optimize & improve
  • Break down customer buying process
    • Identify Audience, where they search / buy, competitor evaluation & purchase decision
  • Identify product, service or solution strengths
  • Create marketing messages, why buy, value statements, call to action
  • Visualization: Identify visuals that will attract the buyer’s attention


A digital marketing funnel is a representation of the customer buying process — the stages that users take to move from being a prospect to a customer.  Most funnels include stages focus on Awareness, Interest / Consideration, Conversion / Purchase & Loyalty / Retention.

  • Define & break down the customer buying process for your product or service/solution
    • Audience / Target Market : Customer, Persona ➤
    • Problem/Need : Solves a problem, reduces pain ➤
    • The Search : Where & how sought ➤
    • Evaluation : Competitor comparison ➤
    • Decision : Conversion / Purchase ➤
    • Retention : Behaviors, Loyalty, Reviews, Shares ➤
  • Utilize results to develop content & create a content & delivery strategy for each stage of the funnel
    • Create marketing messages, value statements, why buy, call to action
    • Select or conceptualize visuals that will connect to target audience
    • Stages: Awareness, Interest/Consideration, Conversion / Purchase, Loyalty/Retention
      • Create text, visual & video content for each stage
    • Select Channels: Social Media, SEO, Website, Email Marketing, PPC, etc.
  • Content strategy feeds into our other services


Content development is researching, writing, selecting visuals, conceptualizing, gathering, organizing, and editing information for publication to various channels (e.g., website blogs, social media, email marketing, ebooks, ads, etc.).

  • Content creation
    • Educational, Equipment, Social Posts, Ads (CTA), Blogs, Case Studies, Success Stories
  • Create marketing message(s), promotions, specials, offers
  • Establish content calendar


Utilizing visuals & design concepts that are attractive to the buyer, we create the necessary visuals for your website or marketing campaign.

  • Layout & visualization: Ads, Posts, Slideshows, Video Overlays, Brand Overlays
  • Landing pages, Print Ads, Brochures, Mailers
  • integration of marketing message(s), call to action, gui design


We help you create, manage & publish content to your various social media channels. We keep your channel platforms up to date, consistent with your brand & attractive to potential buyers.

  • Website, Blogging, Social, Reputation, Email, SEO, SEM/PPC, Print
  • Social: Create/Optimize Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter
  • Reputation: Google Business, Yelp, BBB


We will build or help you manage your website.   We will make sure your data is safe with backups, secure, perform software & content updates, create blogs, pages, monitoring, etc.

  • Build & Manage Website, Blog
  • WordPress eCommerce / Woocommerce Dev & Mgmt
  • SEO Optimization, Keywords
  • Visualization, Marketing Messages, Value Statements
  • Lead Capture / Funnel optimization


We manage your email marketing campaigns, build & manage your email database, create content, get your news updates out on time, utilize metrics for segmentation & content optimization.

  • Email Campaign Management, Workflows / Drip
  • Build & Manage Mailing List
  • Baseline, Creation & Sending of Monthly Newsletter/Update
  • Segmentation: Customers, Prospects, Leads


If you need videos for your digital marketing strategy, we can help — from storyboarding & writing copy/scripts to shooting, editing & publishing.

  • Shoot, Storyboard, Edit
  • Video Editing, Branding, Custom Overlays


We take your known keywords  or help you identify your top keyword phrases through a process of analyzing the customer buying process (Search) as well as performing a competitor analysis.

  • Competitive analysis, identify top converting keywords & phrases
  • On-Site & Offsite Optimization
  • We use the #1 SEO software to manage keywords & tracking
  • Keyword / copy guidelines for homepage, blogging & social media
  • Directory Management, Add to Directories
  • Create & Post Blogs, Competitive Analysis
  • Link Acquisition, identify opportunities, build external links
  • Monthly Performance Reports


We will help you find out where your target market is and create & manage your AdWords, Facebook/IG Business, Yelp Ad accounts.

  • Manage Campaigns, Ad Design, Metrics
  • Facebook / Instagram, Yelp, Google / Adwords


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