A digital marketing funnel is a representation of the customer buying process — the stages that users take to move from being a prospect to a customer.  Most funnels include stages focus on Awareness, Interest / Consideration, Conversion / Purchase & Loyalty / Retention.

We start by analyzing the buying process and then extracting information that will feed into our process.

The process of creating a Digital Marketing Funnel requires a deeper dive into the customer buying process.  The goal is to map the results to the buying stages with channels & content to fuel the process.

  • Define & break down the customer buying process for your product or service/solution
    • Audience / Target Market : Customer, Persona ➤
    • Problem/Need : Solves a problem, reduces pain ➤
    • The Search : Where & how sought ➤
    • Evaluation : Competitor comparison ➤
    • Decision : Conversion / Purchase ➤
    • Retention : Behaviors, Loyalty, Reviews, Shares
  • Utilize results to develop content & create a content & delivery strategy for each stage of the funnel
    • Create marketing messages, value statements, why buy, call to action
    • Select or conceptualize visuals that will connect to target audience
    • Stages: Awareness, Interest/Consideration, Conversion / Purchase, Loyalty/Retention
      • Create text, visual & video content for each stage
    • Select Channels: Social Media, SEO, Website, Email Marketing, PPC, etc.
  • Content strategy feeds into our other services

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