These steps and the order are critical in creating a strong foundation for your digital marketing strategy — some of these steps may already be covered — of course, in that case, we can check those items off (e.g., you have a great & successful brand).
  • Discovery Phase: Survey Client, State of Marketing, Set Goals ➤
  • Research: Keyword Phrases, Competitive Benchmarking ➤
  • Audience: Demographics, Prospect, Customer, Interests, Buying Process ➤
  • Brand: Evaluate, Improve, Optimize ➤
  • Content Strategy: Value, Marketing Messages, Interests, Promotions ➤
  • Creatives: Visualization, Style-Scape, Videos ➤
  • Web/Channels: Choose, Evaluate, Build, Improve, Optimize ➤
  • Publish/Promote: Web, Blog, Social, Email & Print ➤
  • PPC: [Optional] AdWords, FB, IG, Yelp, Youtube ➤
  • Engage: Respond, Surveys, Promotions, Loyalty, Rewards, Reputation, Reviews  ➤
  • Performance: Track, Analyze, Measure, Improve, Optimize, Refine Cycle ➤
Depending on the client’s level of sophistication (identified in the discovery phase), some items may not be required.

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