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LiveWeb eCommerce™ – a comprehensive, integrated system for secure financial transactions, order processing, browsing and profiling products and much more. Includes all of the features of LiveWeb eBusiness™, plus a full-featured Shopping Cart system, easy-to-use Order Wizard and product management tools that allow you or your designated staff to add, delete, edit and cross reference individual products, product categories & product types. In addition, our sophisticated order management system allows administrators to view orders and all related order detail “live” in a professional order report format. Review automatically charged orders (or review and process credit card orders manually), update order shipments/tracking information and handle fulfillment quickly and easily. Powerful sorting capabilities allow you to sort and view orders in a variety of different ways with a simple mouse click. Sort orders by status (i.e., new, pending, shipped, etc.), or by date (i.e., today’s orders, yesterday’s orders, week, month, etc.), or by name, order #, etc. Customer support is virtually automated with the order status update feature that allows you to send pre-designed/template email notification messages to customers and automatically updates the customer’s order status page. Administrative users can modify AutoMessage email templates, shipping and tax options and a variety of other preferences. Also, for interfacing with other systems, you can export orders. Need we say more?

No matter what your requirements are, our team has the tools, experience and knowledge to build a Website that meets your specific requirements. Using the latest technology, our team of Web professionals will build your site from the ground up, or help you reconstruct your existing site. With over 75 clients, our team has the knowledge and creativity to create a winning on-line presence for your business. All of the sites we develop are customized to meet the specific needs of the businesses they were designed for, and personalized to attract the intended audience. Need a solution to a problem only seen in your industry? Our programming team can design an easy-to-use, highly custom on-linesolution. A custom-designed Website will allow you to conduct your business-to-business, or business-to-consumer interaction on-line, in a professional electronic environment, and still guarantee customer satisfaction.

The key to being successful on the Internet today is individuality. Through the power of custom programming, that individuality be achieved. Whether you are looking for the business-to-business solution or the business-to-consumer solution, you need to stand out from your competitors by personalizing each and every user’s experience.  Our programming team has the tools, knowledge and skills to build highly custom solutions for each Website that meet the specific needs of our clients and their customers. We work with clients to identify needs which require a customized solution, and then to build a solution from the ground up.

Imagine IT’s High Powered SEO Program

Imagine IT’s SEO program serves as a core strategy for internet marketing strategy — additionally, we promote your website on multiple fronts — in addition to making all the necessary changes to your website, we create back-links, blog entries with links & profiles with links in industry directories, blog sites & social media sites to build your rank in Google and traffic for a set of 15 keywords (basic plan).

Our SEO program starts with keyword research – it is unique in that we use multiple factors to identify the best keywords to produce the best results:

#1 Relevance (What makes you unique? Focus on your niche areas)
#2 Competitiveness (Are the keywords overused?)
#3 Ability to Convert (Are they typing the keywords to buy your products or services?)
#4 Ability to achieve page one of Google (Can we get you to page 1 for those keywords?)
#5 Traffic (Are the keywords used often enough to get hits)

Our 20 years of internet marketing experience & performance reporting is what sets us apart — you can see  the actions we’re taking and the improvements — we log all our actions and we track our performance by reporting your position monthly in Google, Bing & Yahoo — so you can see the improvement from month to month. Additionally, we perform the keyword research, make on-page recommendations, make all the website changes & create 15 landing pages for you to work in conjunction with the off-site work.


Imagine IT develops advanced business websites and custom applications. Whether you need a business website, e-commerce solution, or web-based training program for your employees, our team has the tools, knowledge and experience to ensure the success of your project.

Our technology focus includes advanced Web development, database development and custom programming. We also offer a variety of technical consulting services and invite you to explore our site to learn more about our services and capabilities.

Affordable Web Design – eCommerce – Custom Programming – Reliable Hosting




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"I love all the designs - your work is great! Thank you. " - Debbie Gates
"We really appreciate how the Imagine IT webteam gets things done very quickly" - Ivor Weiner
"Your webteam has done a really good job. I am pleased to see the results." - Russ Bauman,
"If I have an update that has to be done right away, I just send it to the Imagine IT webteam and before you know it, I get an email and a link to the finished page." - Chuck Harold
"My clients and prospects tell me that I have the best website of all my competitors." - Tim Scott
"I get lots of compliments on my website from business associates and even competitors -- thank you Imagine IT." - Daniel Martino
"I hope all is well with you and the folks at ImagineIT. I am very happy with my site. I would recommend Imagine IT to anyone who needs a website." - Scott Yahraus
"It's nice all our friends like the site...its gorgeous design...it's easy to use...provides the right amount of info. etc. Comments have been very favorable.  My friends say the site properly matches our products...upscale, sophisticated, smart.  Your team and you created a beautiful website.  Thanks Jared!"  -    Carrie Jones
"The site looks amazing! You guys are doing a great job." Thank you very much, Jon
We are now linked to CAI Channel Islands, an organization of property Managers under "security equipment". I just compared our website to our competitors, you did a hell of a job, Thanks, Bob Seigle
"WOW Jared!!! I'm loving it already!!! This is truly along the lines of who I am and where I want to go with this. You are fantastic at what you do!! The text you have so far is great!! I am impressed and excited!!! Thanks a ton!!! Again...WOW!!!" - Sincerely, {{{Alta}}, Hypnosis4mindbodyspirt.com


We will evaluate your existing website or business needs and prepare a complimentary website solution
recommendation for your business.
If you prefer, please feel free to call us at 800-569-2260

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