Covid-Proof Your Business

How’s business?  Is your business down since February of 2020?  With the business stifling effects of Covid-19, Digital Marketing is necessary to become & remain profitable — more importantly, it must also be fine tuned & effective to work.

Digital Marketing IQ

How good is your Digital Marketing?  Let’s find out — take this quick “Digital Marketing IQ Self-Test”.

Digital Marketing IQ Self-Test

Simply ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Does your logo & brand effectively represent your product or service?
  • Are you capitalizing on the latest tools?  e.g., design, crm, publishing?
  • Are you publishing to the most effective channels to reach your audience?
  • Are your posts engaging enough? e.g., liked, discussed, shared?  Viral?

If you are not confident in all 3 of these items (yes, I’m aware there are actually 4 – thank you for paying attention), you need help from a Digital Marketing Expert.    Digital Marketing trends are shifting & evolving daily — it’s a full time job to keep up with the platforms, tools, technologies & business processes.

Increase profits, by standing out from your competition — Covid-Proof your business.  If your business can survive — or better yet, thrive, through Covid, then your business is likely, recession or pandemic proof in general.  “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” … but you will have to adapt & increase your Digital Marketing IQ.

Call or schedule an appointment with Imagine IT Digital Marketing to implement or fine tune your Digital Marketing Strategy — click here for Imagine IT’s “Digital Marketing Services”.

Top 10 Signs You Need Digital Marketing Help

Have fun with this – let me know your favorite ones … or maybe you have your own you’d like to share with me.

  1. Your Website is more than 3 years old
  2. You think responsive websites talk back, e.g., ADA Compliant
  3. You believe that quarterly posts / updates is enough
  4. CMS is something you hope your spouse doesn’t get
  5. Your client database is a series of post-it notes
  6. TikTok is a type of watch or clock
  7. Hashtags are something you can buy at Mc Donalds
  8. Bounce rate involves a trampoline
  9. Metrics is a system of measure, e.g., Kg, Ml, Instagram, etc.
  10. An influencer is an individual in a company that makes buying decisions

Hope you enjoyed those — hit me back with some of your own 🙂  Or better yet, call me for the correct answers.

We can help you get there

The team at Imagine IT are experts at taking your brand, high impact visuals & marketing messages and repurposing for each channel — e.g., website, social media, email campaigns, video, ad campaigns, blogging, seo and even for print, starting with your business card to postcards, brochures & flyers.   Does your brand & marketing messages need review & a facelift?  No problem, all of our consultations start with a marketing survey — how good is your current brand & marketing content?

Scroll below the form for details on our process.

Feel free to call us at 818-421-8870 to discuss or use the form below to ask us a question.

Free Consultation

    Our Process

    These steps and the order are critical in creating a strong foundation for your digital marketing strategy — some of these steps may already be covered — of course, in that case, we can check those items off (e.g., you have a great & successful brand).
    • Discovery Phase: Survey Client, State of Marketing, Set Goals ➤
    • Research: Keyword Phrases, Competitive Benchmarking ➤
    • Audience: Demographics, Prospect, Customer, Interests, Buying Process ➤
    • Brand: Evaluate, Improve, Optimize ➤
    • Content Strategy: Value, Marketing Messages, Interests, Promotions ➤
    • Creatives: Visualization, Style-Scape, Videos ➤
    • Web/Platforms: Choose, Evaluate, Build, Improve ➤
    • Publish: Web, Social, Email & Print ➤
    • Engage: Promotions, Surveys, Loyalty, Rewards, Reputation, Reviews, Adapt ➤
    • PPC: Optional, AdWords, FB, IG, Yelp ➤
    • Performance: Analyze, Measure, Improve, Refine Cycle ➤
    Depending on the client’s level of sophistication (identified in the discovery phase), some items may not be required.