By Jared Gerber
Ensure that your CALL TO ACTION is highly visible, very specific and easy to find from any page in your website.CALL TO ACTION is the tool used to get your visitors to perform your MOST DESIRED ACTION. For an online store, the MOST DESIRED ACTION would be to buy something and in the case of a service based business, it could be to call for a quote or sign up for a service. Whether the MOST DESIRED ACTION is to call, sign-up or buy something, make sure your CALL TO ACTION is highly visible on every page in your website.

Some examples of good CALL TO ACTION’s:
– “Click to Buy Now”
– Place a simple opt-in form or box on your homepage, titled “Request a quote”
– “CALL for a free quote 800-569-2260”

Identifying and implementing your CALL TO ACTION for your website is included in Imagine IT’s basic maintenance subscription service