And 100 ways to reach your clients & prospects

The search engines LOVE fresh content and will check your website for updates more frequently if they notice that there are frequent updates.

By Jared Gerber

Fresh content gives you a way to stay in front of your clients & prospects, which are fundamental for any marketing strategy – this article will give you 10 ideas for creating fresh content as well as 10 ways you can get most mileage out of your new content. 10 ideas for fresh content x 10 ways to publish = 100 touches. Also, step it up a bit to really be attractive to Google, your clients & prospects, include a picture or video with your content that visually communicates your message.Types of updates… here are a variety of different types of content ideas for publishing to your website.

  1. News, Events & Newsletter – industry trends, product information or applications & advice to customers, announcements for upcoming industry events, tradeshows, seminars, meetups & webinars. Combine the best articles & events of the month into a Newsletter.
  2. Product or Service Infomercial – cover all the selling points of your product or service, include pictures & add customer quotes or reviews. This is a great one for video.
  3. Promotions – new customers save 10%, free evaluation, free shipping, buy one, second half off. New customers can be costly to acquire – entice them to be your customer.
  4. Testimonials or Reviews – good guy letters, happy customer emails, positive yelp reviews, accompany with a picture or video testimonial. If you do a video testimonial, don’t stop there, add a text version as well – Google likes that.
  5. FAQs – frequently asked questions are classic web content and provide great benefits – collect the most common questions your customers and prospects ask and answer then in a Q & A format. This will provide answers your customers need and save you time handling these simple questions over the phone or in person. Don’t make your customers beg for information about your company, products or services.
  6. Feature Articles – are related to your product or service, company news, industry update, case study, company introduction, why our customers love us, tips & tricks, 10 Reasons to buy, product how-to’s & industry applications for your product. Running out of topics or nothing to write about? Google “company article ideas” without the quotes.
  7. Expert Interview – interview an employee, sales rep., manufacturer or vendor – someone related to your products or service, or have someone interview you. This is a great opportunity to do a video as well. Always include an article or at least a synopsis with your videos to improve your SEO.
  8. Blog Updates – post anything here! Summarize news, events, articles, press releases or other content and put it in your blog as a teaser — then link them over to the full article.
  9. Social Media Updates – post anything here too — similar content a your blog, but more condensed, to the point and engaging – then of course, link over to the full blog or article on your website.
  10. Press Releases – newsworthy events in your company, such as, new employees, promotions, new product or service or recent growth.

Ways to publish… make varying versions of your article / content to publish in a variety of ways so you can bring traffic back to your website … in addition to the full article of 300 to 1000 words, create a 200 word version for email, a 25 word version for Facebook & Linked In, 7 word version for twitter and a video for Youtube. When you utilize the different methods of publishing, be sure to link them back to your website for the full version. Here is a list of different ways / places you can publish your content.

  1. Website (of course)
  2. Social Media – Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram, etc.
  3. Email Marketing – Don’t have an email database or don’t send out updates regularly? You better, your competition does.
  4. SMS – Texting is becoming more and more popular.
  5. Online Magazine – Seek out magazines in your industry and contact the editor with your article or update – make sure your article has a strong hook and has useful information for it’s audience.
  6. Snail Mail – Yes – people still read these – try a postcard.  Put a pretty picture or ad design on it, give them a taste of your update and invite them to your website for the full article.
  7. Blog – post to your blog page or site as an update of what’s going on in your business or life… be sure to link the update to the full article on your website.
  8. Review sites – If you have a customer that is raving about your services, ask them to publish it as a review … maybe you can buy them coffee or lunch and walk through it with them … some places you can put it are Yelp, Trustlink, Angies List, Google Reviews, Linked In, Facebook and more…
  9. Press Release – Blast it out –, … just Google “press release service”, there are a ton of them.
  10. Youtube – Post your video as well as your accompanying article as the description. Don’t forget the keywords!!!

If you don’t have a Content Management Systems (CMS) in place, Imagine IT can help you develop & manage a CMS for your Company. Whether you have a CMS or not and just don’t have time or are struggling to keep your website up to date, Imagine IT can help you solve that problem by working with you to find ideas and develop & execute them.

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Consider Imagine IT’s convenient & low cost maintenance services to execute these strategies:

  • Content updates
  • Create online & email newsletters
  • Create compelling visuals for your articles or email blasts
  • Email blasts of your updates or newsletters
  • Create seasonal promotion, e.g., “Mother’s Day Special”
  • Lead capture technology & incoming lead tracking / monitoring
  • Online software updates
  • Setup RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds
  • Hosting, Email Management, eCommerce & Online Security
  • Internet Marketing & SEO Promotion

Jared Gerber is the owner of IMAGINE IT Web Design & SEO, Jared can be reached at