Looking for tricks to get better rankings? The most important factor in getting ranked is to not perform any tricks at all. Quality content is the key.

By Jared Gerber

The search for SEO tricks is never-ending– landing pages, hidden keywords (the same color as the background), email blasting, general directories, banner ads, redirects, you name it. Most webmasters try to find ways to trick the search engines. But most of these tricks affect the quality of search results and when detected by google can reduce your rankings or even worse – get you blacklisted.Truth is, you don’t need tricks to get traffic from the search engines – you just need to know the rules – the primary rule is to simply provide quality information. ImagineIT offers safe & effective ways to increase content that if practiced over time will improve your rankings & position.

Of course, you need to make sure you have done your homework on keywords and first making sure your onpage optimization has been done – e.g., page title, Meta tags, page copy, alt text, etc.

Content quality and interactivity play important roles in the popularity of your website additionally, rank is determined through number of people visiting your site, frequency of visits and the number of links to your website from other websites. So the more quality content you provide, the more people will link to your site and visit your site for that quality information.

Some Ideas of quality content are FAQs, Articles, Blogs, Comments, Testimonials, Press Releases, Educational pages, Separate Website Blogs, etc

You can interact with your visitors and inform your clients of the most pertinent answers to possible questions about your business by adding a blog, faq’s, forums, etc. Also, allowing them to participate in Forums gives you a better chance to interact and get to know more about your clients and potential clients and thus, help gain their confidence.

It is also important to keep them posted of the latest events or company news whether it’s a product launch, update or whatever. It wouldn’t hurt to write Press Releases and get them published. What your clients say value most – give them a chance to speak out through Comments/Testimonials blog or page. This will help open doors to new business while publishing case studies, articles, how to’s, product specs and the like would also draw new clients.

Another search engine marketing method is the press release. A company will have a better chance of being found in the search engines by adding press releases- whether it’s about their store, new stores, product launch, sponsored events and more. Content should also include product details, informative articles that are related to your business, tips and helpful advice. In other words, educate your customers with valuable information that is related to your business. This will not only gain targeted visitors but will also attract new links and links to your website will eventually build up.

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