Digital MarketingPortrait of an effective & cost efficient Digital Marketing Strategy

Having a digital marketing strategy that starts by building a strong brand foundation, high impact / conversion message & visuals and then pushing that content through all digital marketing channels just makes sense.  In fact, you can take the content and push it through traditional marketing channels for even more impact.  There is great value & return in brand consistency and just simply pushing out as much and as often as appropriate.  Marketing 101 — the more you push out into the world, the more you will get coming back in.

  • High Conversion Website
  • Social Media
  • Content Development Plan
  • Email Newsletter
  • Google / Instagram / Facebook Ads
  • Video Taping & Production
  • SEO & Blogging
  • Reputation Management

High Quality Visual & Text Content

Once you’ve developed high quality and targeted brand, visuals & marketing messages, it’s time to adapt them for each digital marketing channel, such as your Website’s Blog, Google Business, Facebook, Email, Instagram, Ad Campaigns, Yelp, Youtube & even in print.   Since you’ve invested the time to create great content, it’s cost effective & important to reach all channels possible since people discover services that they are looking for.

We can help you get there

The team at Imagine IT are experts at taking your brand, high impact visuals & marketing messages and repurposing for each channel — e.g., website, social media, email campaigns, video, ad campaigns, blogging, seo and even for print, starting with your business card to postcards, brochures & flyers.   Does your brand & marketing messages need review & a facelift?  No problem, all of our consultations start with a marketing survey — how good is your current brand & marketing content?

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