Why WordPress

In my 30 years experience in selecting platforms for a web design project — whether it be a simple website or a sophisticated web application, for the purpose of ease of management and longevity, I’ve learned that there are a few things to consider.   Here are the reasons we recommend WordPress and why:

  1. Most popular platform in the world – don’t trust your decision?  Trust the decision of millions of others
  2. Easy to Customize – Open source — Meaning that there are thousands of 3 Party add-ons (plugins) to customize
  3. Millions of developers – This gives you options and should give you a secure feeling that you can get help easily
  4. Designed for all types of users – Yes, writers, designers, programmers — can all use the platform with ease
  5. Low cost of ownership & maintenance — speaks for itself
  6. Responsive – WordPress makes it easy to implement responsive websites that flow & work well on many devices


In most cases, the ultimate goal is better marketing & visibility — that’s why every one of our web design projects start with a marketing survey — to identify how well you’re currently doing in terms of how you present yourself, so that we can be sure that we start with sounds branding & identity strategy.  


Not only do we have the technical skills to implement any type of WordPress website, we also have graphic designers that focus on branding, design & visualization to make sure that your website not only functions well, but also looks amazing.  Need a brand boost?  Improved logo & identity?  No problem, we can help you with your logo & branding or follow an existing brand.


Just like Imagine IT, WordPress is here to stay and just like we’ve trusted that investing our time in becoming WordPress experts will serve us well for many years to come, you can trust that having us select WordPress as your next platform will serve you well for many years to come.

The web designers & developers at Imagine IT are very skilled and experienced in implementing & customizing WordPress and wordpress themes, selecting plugins, managing the databases and even solving issues should they arise.

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